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Richard Atkins Primary School

Extended School

Wrap-Around Care

At Richard Atkins we offer a range of extended day solutions to provide support to busy parents and additional enrichment opportunities for our pupils.

Breakfast Club

The Healthy Start Breakfast Club is available to all pupils, from Reception to Year 6, from 7.45am until 9am and is £4.50 a day / £22.50 per week.

Xcite Afterschool Care

The After School Club is open from 3.30pm until 5.30pm, Monday to Friday for all pupils.

The fees for After School Enrichment Clubs are as follows:

  • Registered pupils (1 week) £50.00
  • Registered pupils (per session) £10.00
  • Unregistered pupils £18.00 per day

Our Healthy Start Breakfast Club and Xcite After School Care are run by Sports City London.

Enrichment Clubs

We also run a range of afterschool and lunchtime clubs to appeal to a wide range of interests.

After School Clubs usually run from 3.30pm until 4.45pm, although please check the times for individual clubs when booking.

Enrichment Clubs usually run in 12 week blocks during the school terms. Letters are sent out at the end of term inviting applications for the following term.

Enrichment Clubs are currently charged at £4.00 per session or £48.00 per twelve week block.

For more information about any of our Extended Day provision, please contact the school office.