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Richard Atkins Primary School

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Nadia McIntosh

Richard Buggins
Deputy Headteacher

Kim Litchmore
Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion (including SENCO)

Inclusion Team

Kim Litchmore
Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion (including SENCO)

Melrose Morsay
EAL Teacher

Dean Gregory
Learning Mentor

Tyrel Shefki Mustafa
Learning Mentor

Early Years and Foundation Stage Teachers

Esther Curniffe
Phase Leader

Sarah Ragaven
Ruby and Diamond, Nursery & Reception 

Early Years Educators

Juliet Neave

Jackie Ryan

Phase 1 Teachers

Maria Fonseca
Pearl Class, Year 1

Esther Curniffe (Phase Leader)
Jade Class, Year 2

Phase 2 Teachers

Rashida Naseer 
Amethyst Class, Year 3

Claire Mickley (Phase Leader)
Amber Class, Year 4

Abbey Campbell 
Emerald Class, Year 4

Phase 3 Teachers

Melrose Morsay
Topaz Class, Year 5

Fabiola Kercheklian
Tanzanite Class, Year 5/6

Natalie Aboaku (Phase Leader)
Sunstone Class, Year 6

Teaching and Learning Assistants

Dawn Ahearne, Senior Teaching and Learning Assistant

Sonji Bell Karolina Kaiser
Tania Bennett Nataly Toro
Lorna Lawrence Pelagie Siehi

Bridget Burke

Jo Smith Butler

Isabella De Godoy Menegotto

Lystra Stewart

Hemin Hajo

Niamh Gormley

Lorna Gillieron


Office and Premises Team

Natalia Correa Ortiz
HR and Finance Officer

Nikkie Mazibeli
Administration Officer

Laura Uran De Velasquez
Administration Officer

Paul O’Regan
Premises Manager