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Richard Atkins Primary School

Parent Views

Your views about our school are important to us!

By sharing your views, you will be helping our school to improve. You will also be able to see what other parents have said about our school.

School Parental Survey

Each year the school shares a survey with parents. This is an opportunity for you to share your views with the school.

 2020-21 Survey Summary

The survey was open for responses during October until mid-November and was available in 3 Languages.- English, Spanish & Portuguese 

Total respondents- 66 

Parental Survey Results Autumn 2020-21 Summary.

What are we doing well. 

You said%: 

  •  Pupils are happy and safe at our school.  
  • The schools promote good behaviour and the wider development of pupils.  
  • Staff are approachable, listen and support the progress of pupils.  
  • You would recommend the school to other parents. 
  • As a community we supported each other during the Spring/ Summer 2020 COVID Partial Closure.  

 Areas for development/to consider. 

 You said: 

  •  Communication is timely and effective but can be improved.  
  • You would like more information about how & what your child learns, the progress they make and how you can support them best, including through Homework.  
  • That although we deal with issues raised effectively, we need to be clearer about the actions taken to address any concerns of bullying by communicating the following:  

any immediate action to support those concerned. 

any imposed sanctions or restorative work  

the programme of in-depth pastoral work taken to

address the issue. 



parentl survey results autumn 2020 21 full.pdf



Ofsted Parent View  

If you are a registered parent or carer of a pupil at the school, you can tell us your views about the school by completing Ofsted’s online survey, Parent View.

Parent View asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of our school, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour. OfSTED inspectors will use the online survey responses when inspecting the school.

A screencast demonstrating how to register and complete a survey on Parent View is available on the How to Use Parent View page.