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Richard Atkins Primary School

Young Leaders

Richard Atkins Young Leaders

To prepare our pupils for future life we want to encourage them to take on roles of responsibility within the school; one such role is that of a Young Leader. These prestigious positions are open for pupils from Year Two upwards.

How to Become a Young Leader

Pupils have to go through a rigorous job selection process in order to become a Young Leader:

  • Firstly they complete a job application form followed by an interview with the Assistant Headteachers.
  • Then successful candidates are written to informing them that they have been successful in their application. This helps to prepare pupils for future job applications.
  • All Young Leaders will be expected to show commitment to their role by giving up some of their playtime and occasionally after school, to carry out their duties.

Roles of Young Leaders

The Young Leaders will have many roles which contribute to the smooth running of the school;

  • Lunchtime Young Leaders
    Escort the lines up and down to the dinner hall, serve the salad and encourage healthy choices. They will also support in the Early Years by modelling good table manners.
  • Environmental Young Leaders
    Assist with recycling in the school, saving energy and looking after plants.
  • Welcome Young Leaders
    Our dual language Young Leaders will show all guests around our school and answer questions.
  • Clerical Young Leaders
    Supporting the office twice a day by delivering messages and letters around the school and handing out the post.
  • Librarian Young Leaders
    Ensuring that the library is kept tidy and well organised at all times and support younger children’s enjoyment of books by reading to them.