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Richard Atkins Primary School

Religious Education

At Richard Atkins, we value the impact that the teaching of R.E. (Religious Education) can have upon our children.

We believe teaching R.E. at primary school is important because it equips children with cultural, social, moral and spiritual knowledge that will help them become valued citizens of our society. Our world is increasingly diverse and we must have both knowledge and understanding to make sense of what is happening and to appreciate how the past has shaped the present and helps us learn lessons for the future. 

Our R.E. lessons teach children to understand the faith of others and to accept and celebrate similarities and differences. All children take part in R.E. lessons and during these lessons children explore and discuss the major faiths of the world. 

At Richard Atkins we follow:  Exploring The World of Faith and Belief in Lambeth - an Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (RE) in the London Borough of Lambeth .

The provision emphasises the need for a knowledge base as well as the development of skills to analyse and articulate religious and ethical issues. In our multicultural community, Religious Education (RE) is a vitally important element of education as it helps children and young people understand the worldwide range of beliefs, faith and religions. It also helps them relate to different traditions and beliefs whilst developing their religious literacy and discernment.