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Richard Atkins Primary School


At Richard Atkins we value the importance of science education.

We encourage the enrichment of science through a creative curriculum, creating cross-curricular opportunities in order to support our children to become proficient scientists.

Our Four Scientific Aims:

1. Know, use, and interpret scientific explanations of the natural world.
2. Generate and evaluate scientific evidence and explanations.
3. Understand the nature and development of scientific knowledge.
4. Participate productively in scientific practices and discourse.

We aim to make science as hands-on as possible, encouraging children to explore the world around them through investigation and active engagement in practical science.

In order to build on the naturally critical and curious nature of children, we have developed a large ensemble of activities that constitute “doing science.” These activities include conducting investigations; sharing ideas with peers; and developing scientific vocabulary to support talking and writing.

As well as working within the classroom, science lessons provide a great opportunity to work outdoors and explore the local environment. Our fantastic school grounds and nature garden are used as an important resource to maximise the children’s learning experiences.