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The Children’s Committee

At Richard Atkins Primary School it is important that pupils have their say. It is not the thoughts and ideas of adults that are making changes to our school; pupils can contribute through their class’s Children’s Committee representatives who then feed ideas back in the committee meetings.

Committee members are expected to represent the school and ensure that their behaviour and presentation is a model for the rest of the school. The Children’s Committee meets regularly to discuss school issues are consulted on a range of school policies and developments. For example, the Children’s Committee have been involved in developing the school’s new website. They have an active role in school and play a lead role in ‘Pupil Voice’. The term of office spans throughout the academic year – September to July.

The 2015/2016 academic year Children’s Committee members are:

Ahmed and Ruby 6I
Sasha dn Tipahra 6C
Alimany and Diana 5W
Stephanie and Khalid 5B
Pola and Rafael 5E
Suylo and Jamel 4R
Sumeya and David 4Q
Hyro and Mahala 3D
Andy and Snamiya 3A
Claire and Tan-Khun 2R
Tehya and Thierry 2D