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Meet The School Mediators

What is mediation?

“A structured process in which a neutral third party assists voluntary participants in resolving their dispute”

Peer mediation is where pupils help the children in their school to sort out their problems peacefully. They help by allowing the pupils talk to each other while sticking to some rules and hearing how the problem has affected each other.

The mediators do not tell the children with the problem what to do but do help them to talk to each other peacefully.

The aim is to sort out the problem not to blame anyone or find out who is in the wrong.

No adults are involved in the mediation although some adults will help the peer mediators to run the service.

Aidan 6I
Deborah 6I
Iman 6I
Jabril 6I
Nasteho 6I
Rayana 6I
Baxter 6C
Jazarah 6C
Kamron 6C
Rhianna 6C
Tipahra 6C
Aude 5E
Emili 5E
Rihanna 5E
Israth 5W
Hameedah 5W
Javier 5W
Olivia 5W
Otto 5W
Taiga 5W
Tiszarah 5W
Adebimpe 5B
Bilal 5B
Jermain 5B
Jessica 5B
Merville 5B
Nona 5B