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NOPA Counselling and support for children, parents and teachers:

At NOPAC children, parents, guardians and carers are supported, guided and encouraged to play an active role when working together. Using a holistic approach to each situation ensures that all aspects of the child’s environment are taken into consideration. Professional help and support is provided for all parties involved including teachers where and when needed. The focus is on building positive relationships, improving anti -social behaviour, creating a constructive learning environment and enhancing all round communication.

It is vital that parents, carers, guardians and teachers give clear and honest evaluations in respect of communication, interaction and their relationships with the children. Developmental plans, regular assessments and the progress of children are closely monitored throughout by N.O.P.A.C. Supervisory Therapists, the school, and teachers.

NOPAC is community based and currently their headquarters are located within the Richard Atkins primary school premises where NO.P.A.C. have for some time worked with pupils, parents and teachers, providing counselling, help and support.

There are many positive and measureable benefits to using the NOPAC services:

Happier pupils

Prevention of exclusion

Better teaching environment

Enhanced communication

Ongoing support for student/pupils

Continued assessment & evaluation

Positive self- esteem & encouragement

Guidance and support for all involved parties

Brighter future prospects for students/pupils

A progressive and productive home environment

A very high success rate

When some or all of these factors are in place a positive and happier working environment is created for students, pupils and teaching staff.

NOPAC ensure that children are able to develop and grow within the school and in the community at large allowing them to successfully become skilled and productive adults. NOPAC is committed to working in partnership with parents, carers and teaching professionals.

Children are our clients and we make sure that “every child matters”

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