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At Richard Atkins, we believe that effective communication is vital to the health, success and efficiency of the school and all the staff and pupils who work and learn within it.   We will make every effort to ensure that communication between all members of the school community i.e. staff, children, parents, Governors, LA, volunteers and local residents is both effective and efficient and supportive.

Information and news is communicated to parents in letters sent home with the children. Copies of letters sent home can be downloaded below. Should you wish to find out more about our other methods of communication i.e. text messages and email then please call the school office.

Letters to parents can be seen listed by name and pdf type below with the most recent at the top.


A1dobe-PDF-IconEnd of day routine in Reception


A1dobe-PDF-IconHeads Welcome

A1dobe-PDF-Iconheadlice letter 

A1dobe-PDF-IconWe aim to provide every opportunity for our children