Richard Atkins Primary School

Setting children on a journey of life without barriers

Parent Pay

Supporting Your Child’s Learning at Home

At Richard Atkins, we believe that parents/carers have a key role to play in the education of their children. We are committed to developing and maintaining good relations with parents/carers and groups within the local community. We therefore encourage all parents/carers to be fully involved in their child’s formal education and in the life of the school, as an adult helper or member of the Parents Group. We recognise that we must work in partnership with all parents, keeping them fully apprised of their child/ren’s achievements and the workings of the school, and have introduced a range of strategies to promote active involvement.


At Richard Atkins, we have introduced a wide range of communication strategies, including:

  • homework diary
  • individual letters to parent when the need arises
  • half termly newsletter
  • direct telephone calls (as necessary)
  • home visits (as necessary)
  • Annual Report
  • Autumn Term parent conferencing and target setting meeting
  • Summer Term parent conferencing and reporting back meeting
  • Pastoral Support Plans (PSPs) for children who require addition support to manage their behaviour
  • Governors’ Report to Parents
  • questionnaires

Home-School Agreement

All new parents receive a copy of the Home-School Agreement, which they are asked to sign. The agreement outlines the parents’ and the school’s responsibilities, which both the parties are expected to honour. If you would like a copy of the home school agreement, please contact the school office.

Parent Volunteers

Parents provide a wide range of support with children’s reading, cooking, singing, stories, art and design, etc. We value the support provided in the classroom by the many parent volunteers who give their time on a voluntary basis.   To support parent/carer involvement and enhance their expertise, in line with DfE Safeguarding Policy, we provide induction or training.

Working with the School

You can support the school by:

  • ensuring that your child attends school regularly
  • completing homework
  • reading with your child etc

You can support and extend your child’s learning opportunities in class by:

  • Encouraging your child to complete homework every day.
  • Talking and discussing with your child what she/he is learning at school.
  • Visiting a museum in the local area.
  • Registering your child in the local library and encouraging him/her to borrow books related to our termly topic.
  • Ensuring your child understands and follows the class rules.
  • Ensuring your child does their best to stay in class and not miss any learning.
  • Ensuring your child is punctual and maintains wherever possible 100% attendance.


Your child’s Class Teacher will send homework home with them once a week:

  • Please ensure that your child completes their homework each week and hands it in on time every Wednesday.
  • If your child is struggling with the homework, please ensure they ask an adult at home or in school for help.